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Squirt's Reef Adventure - Jason Sand & Robyn Torry

Squirt's Reef Adventure

Author Jason Sand & Robyn Torry

  • Published: 2015-06-10
  • Category: Animals
5 Stars
From 9 Customers Review
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Squirt’s Reef Adventure is a fun story of a penguin who visits a coral reef to see the types of sea creatures that are there. This is a collaborative book between Mrs. Torry’s Grade 2 class and Mr. Sand’s grade 11/12 graphic arts class. This book displays the result of the collaboration between the students. We hope that you enjoy reading our book about Squirt and the reef creatures.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Authentic Learning Opportunities to the MAX!

    From Kyle Pearce
    This is yet another great example of how we can make learning in the classroom authentic for students. A collaborative project between secondary and elementary students that demonstrates how technology can truly transform what it means to learn in the 21st century. Great job!
  • Great Job

    From Teachertech123
    This book is a great collaborative effort from the students. Well done.
  • Awesome collaboration

    From Jason Sand
    This book shows what is possible when different students from different grades collaborate together.