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Confession of a Teenage Nobody - Miss Anonymous

Confession of a Teenage Nobody

Author Miss Anonymous

  • Published: 2015-07-14
  • Category: Short Stories
4 Stars
From 269 Customers Review
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Annie (short for Anonymous) belongs to the one club no girl wants to belong to... The Last American Virgin Club.

How far will she go to revoke her membership?

This is a short story confession based on a true events though names, places, and some situations have been changed or embellished. Mature situations for a more mature teen audience. Contains a young adult romance with sex situations and LBGT themes. Considered PG 13.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Book

    From Princes Maryam
    Interesting but sort of inappropriate
  • Compression of the teenage nobody

    From Savixoxo1612
    What I learned from this book is that everyone is different I use to look around my town and just see that everyone was the same. Like clones but ready this book I can really tell that she wants to be different she doesn't want to be like everyone else she wants to make her own rule. Which have really helped me a lot so I need to say to the author. Thank you. This book helped me become more independent I just told my boyfriend who thought to have a open relationship that if it was going to be me then it could only be me. And he really understood and picked me over the other girl. So thank you
  • Book Review

    From Peanut1470
    I Absolutely Loved this Book!!
  • Amazing

    From 0r4ng3box
    For a book made from a girls perspective, as a guy i found it Very captivating, funny and "relatable", hopefully you write more books in the future .
  • Good

    From Boos rule
    This was a really good book and the writing part was excellent the subject matter was a bit mature for younger readers I think. I thought it was really well done
  • Wow

    From Kaylabrianne18
    This was very romantic and had lots of drama. I would suggest for people who like romance novels.
  • I LOVED IT!!❀️

    From Hdjdbdjksbsnj
    It teaches you a great life lesson and makes you laugh in every chapter. I recommend this book to teens. Loved it❀️
  • Totally what I was looking for

    From CasAll00656
    So I try to find teen books that include... Whatever so I looked on wattpad. Nope I look here it's like woah
  • 😍😍😍

    From Amina_Love
    This book is amazing it talks about high school and finding yourself. I would recommend this book for teens looking for a good book to read.
  • Review

    From Sc45000505
    Its a good book for teens