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Pieces of Us (Pieces Duet: Book 2 of 2) - Pamela Ann

Pieces of Us (Pieces Duet: Book 2 of 2)

Author Pamela Ann

  • Published: 2014-05-24
  • Category: Erotic Romance


Book 2 of The Pieces Duet. First novel is Pieces of You & Me. This is a two-book series.

There’s a time in life where you need to be selfish.
A time where you need to make a sacrifice.
A point in life where you find yourself at a crossroads.
Knowing that whichever path you choose, someone will end up hurting.
I’m stuck with this predicament.
Am I selfish enough not to care?
Or am I selfless enough to sacrifice my own happiness? Hurting the only man that had me—body and soul.