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iPad Pro for Beginners - Scott La Counte

iPad Pro for Beginners

Author Scott La Counte

  • Published: 2015-11-15
  • Category: Computers


For years, people have said tablets might one day replace notebook computers; for most people, the tablet was a nice casual device, but not something that made them ditch their notebook entirely. The iPad Pro might just change people’s view.

This book will show you how it’s different from other tablets (and what’s the same), teach you all the basics, show you how to get more from the device (and how to use the two accessories: Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard), and help you pick apps that take advantage of the larger screen size.

If you want to do more with the iPd Pro, then read on!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Not bad

    From Pierrebur
    I thought it would be more
  • Very Useful

    From ex_brit
    Easy to follow and a great guide to using the iPad Pro. One obvious spelling error in Contents page: Chapter 5 - vidoes should be videos.