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Clandestine (Undisclosed Trilogy, Book 3) - Jon Mills

Clandestine (Undisclosed Trilogy, Book 3)

Author Jon Mills

  • Published: 2015-12-01
  • Category: Adventure


Clandestine is the final book in the breakout UNDISCLOSED trilogy by Jon Mills 

An unknown airborne disease that kills 
A dangerous government agency 
And one hope for mankind 

Clandestine continues the ageless war between the Guardians and the Watchers with a new enemy that threatens to eliminate both sides, even if it means spreading an airborne disease that could wipe out civilization. 

After escaping near death in Peru and preventing the destruction of humanity, Travis Marshall struggles to find a way to save Jayde and uncover the truth behind the agenda of the shadowy government agency known as ONE. 

When Travis receives a series of mysterious packages from an unknown ally who promises to help, he must decide who to trust before it's too late. 

Loyalties will be questioned, new allegiances will be formed, and secrets will finally be disclosed as he faces his greatest challenge yet.