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Electrical Code Simplified – House Wiring Guide (23rd Code Edition) - PS Knight Co Ltd

Electrical Code Simplified – House Wiring Guide (23rd Code Edition)

Author PS Knight Co Ltd

  • Published: 2015-04-10
  • Category: Engineering
4.5 Stars
From 15 Customers Review
Price: $18.99


Electrical Code Simplified guidebooks have been the standard in Canadian wiring instruction for 50 years, with a million books sold.

Clear, Straightforward Instruction
This residential wiring guide steers you through the ever-changing web of Canada’s Electrical Code. It gives you the resources and references you need to comply with code for electrical wiring in single-family houses. It simplifies the stated requirements for inspection in each province so that homeowners can safely, easily and confidently make their own electrical installations.

The legalese of Canada’s electrical law is replaced with easily understandable explanations. Never dry, this book is actually enjoyable to reference.

Who needs this book?
Anyone installing electrical wiring in a residence in Canada is required to comply with electrical laws to ensure safe and legal installation. If the installation will be inspected, (technically, all electrical installations, of any size, are required to be inspected) it must pass inspection, or the installer may need to rewire some of their job and pay for a re-inspection. This additional expense is often more than three times the cost of this book.

Electrical Code Simplified is the only resource that can help you meet this tough standard.

2015 – 2018 Multi-Province book now covers BC and Ontario (the Ontario Electrical Safety Code) AB/BC/MB/NB/NL/NS/NT/NU/ON/PE/SK/YT

This fixed layout digital edition matches our well known print edition page for page, for ease of use in instructional settings.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Viewing options very limited

    From Lap slide
    The beauty of reading a book, especially a technical one, on a computer or iPad is the ability to zoom in closer on images in particular to be able to read from a further distance. This book for some reason limits to fitting the page to the height of the viewing device, which leaves the type very small. While the information in it may be incredibly valuable to the person wanting to do their own house wiring, the interface makes it harder to view. It would also be helpful to be able to print out pages as on the job references that one could mark up with notes, but the user is not allowed to print anything from this book. In this case, purchasing a printed copy of a book might be a better choice, as one would be able to photocopy and markup pages or at least use a magnifying glass to get a closer look at something.
  • Less daunting than the whole CEC

    From Poopshiter
    But that doesn't mean it's not as good. In fact it's better! I purchased the book for my electrical foundation course at NIC, and on page 1 (in the student section) it reads; "After two failures, it appears the thing to do is to become interested in some other trade - plumbing maybe."
  • Great Book for the Canadian DIYer

    From ghfx
    I’ve used this book for many home renos in several houses I’ve owned. It has the exact code for the province you live in, it also is filled with great illustrations which help in planning out your electrical circuits. When doing electrical work in your own residence buy a homeowners electrical permit and this book and you will have no problems figuring out how to do it right!