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The Darling Songbirds - Rachael Herron

The Darling Songbirds

Author Rachael Herron

  • Published: 2016-03-01
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Stars
From 17 Customers Review
Price: $5.99


She's almost forgotten how to write the songs that made her famous... 

"Relationships are at the heart of women's fiction, and Herron could teach a master class on creating them." Chicklit Central 

From international bestseller Rachael Herron, comes a book too delightful to put down:  

Adele Darling has washed up in the sleepy gold-rush town her great-grandfather had given his name to, the town she'd left for good a long time ago. The saloon is a ruin, the business is broke and customers are scarce. Add into the mix Nate Houston - the handsome, guitar-playing bartender who had always believed he would be the next owner of the Golden Spike - and Adele has one potent cocktail on her hands.

This heartwarming, hilarious, and red-hot contemporary romance will leave you wishing for a marina view (or a hot cowboy) of your very own. 

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Top Customer Reviews

  • Songbirds

    From Wine please
    Better than average. The emotion felt real. A book about imperfect people just getting by day to day. There were two very oddly used words in this book. I challenge you to find them. I’m all for using the thesaurus but the author should have kept in mind the language of the book.