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Animal Ice Pops - Riley Weber

Animal Ice Pops

Author Riley Weber

  • Published: 2016-03-29
  • Category: Animals


A Children's Book for Animal Lovers! If you have never see an animal enjoy an ice pop, you are missing out. To beat the heat, Zookeepers will sometimes give frozen treats to animals filled with their favorite foods on special occasions such as their birthdays as well as on hot weather days. People gather with excitement at zoos to see the animals devour their frozen treats. 

Animal Ice Pops is about keeping your pet cool and out of the heat during those scorching summer days. The story takes place at a zoo and shows the animals, one by one, trying to keep cool and out of the heat. When the animals just about can’t stand the excessive heat, strange frozen objects appear in each of the animal enclosures at the zoo. The animals cautiously approach the strange frozen objects to find that, to their surprise, they are filled with some of their favorite foods! The animals then have some entertainment as well as their favorite frozen snacks, to make it through those hot days of summer. 

Along with keeping animals cool in a zoo, it is important to keep our own pets cool. Animal Ice Pops offers some tips at the end of the book on how we can keep our pets happy and out of the heat, and includes recipes for delicious frozen “Pup”-sicles and “Kitty” pops.