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52 Steps to Murder - Steve Demaree

52 Steps to Murder

Author Steve Demaree

  • Published: 2016-04-10
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Stars
From 22 Customers Review
Price: $5.99


Neither Lt. Dekker no Sgt. Murdock like exercise, so when they are called to the scene of a murder and have to climb fifty-two steps just to get to the front porch of a house they are less than thrilled.  An elderly woman is found poisoned in her upstairs bedroom, but the front door is locked.  Two neighbors sitting on their front porches say that only two people went in or out of the house during the time she could have been murdered, and evidence shows that neither of them could have committed the murder unassisted or assisted by the other.  It is up to Lt. Dekker and Sgt. Murdock to sift through the evidence and talk to everyone who could have been involved and solve the murder.  The book is a combination of laugh-out-loud humor, interesting characters, and a tough to solve mystery.  

Top Customer Reviews

  • 52 Step Mystery

    From Rodssweety
    I enjoyed the suspense and humour
  • 52 Steps To Murder

    From Sexy_Kendale
    I literally lol'd numerous times while reading this story.. between their faith and hilarious comebacks, to the great old t.v shows like Hogans Heros and I Love Lucy, omg and Andy Griffith.. (BestShowsEver!!!) the lieutenant and his partner's wittiness, cleverness and spirituality kept me turning the pages!! I Thoroughly Enjoyed This Story and Steve Demaree's inspiring, funny, loving personality!! Off To #2 Now ---> (>_<) ThankYou!!!! <3