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Hadrian’s Wall & Path - Kenneth Rotheram

Hadrian’s Wall & Path

Author Kenneth Rotheram

  • Published: 2016-04-15
  • Category: Europe


This book is an introduction to Hadrian’s Wall. Read about the Wall, the ditch, the turrets, the milecastles, the forts, the bridges and the Vallum. Find out about Roman life on the Wall and how the barbarians eventually overran it. Also follow Hadrian’s Wall Path (a long distance walk) and the impressive remains and scenery along it.
The wealth of historical and archaeological knowledge in the book will help you to plan and enjoy a six day walking trip or frequent short walks along the Wall. If you have already visited the Wall then this book will add to your experience. 
The text is easy to read and lavishly illustrated with almost 300 touch sensitive photographs which enlarge to full screen. The interactive maps and galleries are multitouch too. A quiz and video add to the multimedia experience. Enjoy this interactive book.
Kenneth Rotheram has published articles in journals, published a multimedia ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ CD Rom and a ‘Lake District’ CD Rom.