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The Redemption of Madeline Munrove - Mary Campisi

The Redemption of Madeline Munrove

Author Mary Campisi

  • Published: 2013-07-20
  • Category: Historical


Love and Betrayal…Regency Style

Madeline Munrove’s mother instilled three truths in her daughter. These truths were as follows: First, men were basically useless creatures driven by decisions calculated below the waist. Second, women were far superior in intelligence and fortitude. And third, women must pretend the first and second were untrue if they hoped to navigate in a society ruled by such worthless creatures.

Enter Douglas Fontaine, a man whose life is ruled by logic and analysis. Such behavior is the reason he has created a ‘test’ which prospective brides must pass in order to gain consideration for the position of ‘wife’. When a chance game of cards with a scoundrel wins him a country estate, Douglas has no idea Madeline resides at the estate or that his very ordered existence is about to be upended.

As Madeline and Douglas attempt to determine the true nature and secrets of the other, they will soon learn that no amount of calculation will account for the moment when logic collides with passion…

The Model Wife series:
Book One: The Redemption of Madeline Munrove
Book Two: TBA 

BONUS MATERIAL:  Included with this ebook is the first chapter The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest, Book One in Mary Campisi’s regency historical series An Unlikely Husband.