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Hundreds - Pepper Winters


Author Pepper Winters

  • Published: 2016-06-01
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Stars
From 15 Customers Review
Price: $4.99


“I'm done hurting her. She's been hurt enough. It's time I set her free...”
Once upon a time, I wished to go home and forget.
Now, I’m strong and ready to fight.
Seduced and claimed, Elder no longer just demands my voice, he commands me to be a thief like him.
I refuse.
But he offers me things I shouldn’t want, favours I should run from.
In return for his protection, I’m ordered to steal enough pennies and dollars to buy back my freedom.
Only, we both aren’t prepared for how he changes me, evolves me.
It’s my turn to learn about him.
It’s his wish to teach me how to be normal.
Until something goes wrong.
And our life together comes to an end.

Hundreds is book 3 in the USA Today Bestselling Romance, DOLLAR SERIES

Top Customer Reviews

  • Wow

    From Sfhh1969
    Brilliant. Such tormented souls.
  • Intoxicating, erotic and deeply intriguing

    From NaughtyBookBlog
    Oh, Pepper Winters, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I can’t even comprehend the place where you go to conjure up such emotional sorcery. You take subject matter that is dark, twisted and controversial and you mold into something so beautiful and breathtaking. Your writing pushes boundaries and comfort zones, yet you still leave me desperate for more of your sweet torture. You take suffering and broken souls and bring them together to find healing, power and love. Woven tightly into the complex emotions and characters is a live wire of sexual heat so intense I can feel it on the surface of my skin. Hundreds was intoxicating, erotic and deeply intriguing, leaving me feeling like an addict in need of my next fix!