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Falling - Complete Series - Christine Zolendz

Falling - Complete Series

Author Christine Zolendz

  • Published: 2016-07-25
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Stars
From 20 Customers Review
Price: $5.99


I'm finally home after struggling through my brother's illness and death. 

But, home is definitely a bit different. My best friend (the only person alive now that knows my secret) has a new boyfriend; and he has a friend. Shane Maxton: bad boy, tattooed rock god, eye candy extraordinaire. He is also New York City's most arrogant, self-serving, son of a, well, a definite one-night stand kind of a guy. But, it doesn't matter to me because I've spent my existence looking for the love of my life, my angel.
And there is nothing that Shane Maxton can do to change that. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • Falling

    From Matoucad
    A great story of faith, friendship, hope and love I can’t wait to read the rest.
  • Falling

    From Too deep?
    The first book has left me in awe. I have fallen for the characters, completely in love with them. Can't wait to read more!
  • Falling

    From Cherie .S
    Brilliant read about friendship, faith, hope and love on life's journey.
  • Falling

    From A from M,O,C
    LOVE THIS BOOK! Loved the whole story, everything about it. Loved Shane's point of view for the whole last book. Completely recommend it!