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Forever a Soldier - Genevieve Turner

Forever a Soldier

Author Genevieve Turner

  • Published: 2016-12-12
  • Category: Western
4.5 Stars
From 12 Customers Review
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First in a new cowboy romance series!

A wounded soldier searching for healing…

Hank Moreno returned home from combat not quite broken, but definitely battered. His job now is to recover and to keep a hundred-year-old house from falling down around his ears. No one calls, no one visits—just as he likes. But then one irrepressible woman invades his sanctuary, hunting the secrets hidden within.

A determined scholar searching for a legend…

Graduate student Lale Pehlivan is investigating a century-old mystery. Unraveling it will guarantee she becomes a star history professor. But one surly former soldier is guarding the family archives—and standing between her and the information she needs.

There’s no escape from the person destined to break your heart…

Lale launches a charm attack Hank can’t resist and the sterling honor Lale finds under Hank’s surliness tunnels under her own defenses. But when Lale threatens to unearth Hank’s secrets along with those in the archive, their hearts might not survive the upheaval.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Forever a Soldier

    From Travelling Bev
    I really enjoyed this book. I found Genevieve's way of weaving the stories together captivating right to the end. I'll read more of her writing.
  • Wow

    From Douggie pooh
    Wow isn’t good enough, started reading fell in love with the story and characters right away. Captivating to say the least had to finish it. This is one of the best book I’ve read so far and I read one to two per day when I don’t work but hey I’m retired so I enjoy a good book. Highly recommend it.