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The Billionaire Shifter's Curvy Match - Diana Seere

The Billionaire Shifter's Curvy Match

Author Diana Seere

  • Published: 2016-09-13
  • Category: Paranormal


When Lilah Murphy started serving drinks at the exclusive Platinum Club, she never expected _she_ would be on the menu.

Biotech billionaire Gavin Stanton had one taste of the new, curvy server and his craving could never be satisfied until he had her fully. Completely.


Fate brought them together, but a centuries-old secret could tear them apart, for the Stanton family holds a shifter legacy that no human has ever threatened.

Until now.

Gavin Stanton is the billionaire CEO of a Boston biotech firm. He’s also a werewolf, the son of a large, ancient family with roots in the British aristocracy. His work is his life. But then he feels the Beat—an irresistible urge to mate with Lilah, a beautiful human who inflames his passions like no other—and he abandons everything he thought he knew in his need to claim her.

Lilah Murphy is broke and desperate. All she wants is a job to support herself, her sister, and her ailing mother. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a rich, powerful guy who would discard her after a few hot nights together and get her fired at her new, high-paying job. But she, too, feels the Beat. She hears him in her mind, feels him in her soul, and the urge to answer the ancient call is undeniable. Is she strong enough to embrace his secrets—and her own?

The Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match is the first in an all-new series of hot (did we mention *hot*?) romances about the billionaire shifters and the women they’re fated to love.
* * *


Diana Seere was raised by wolves in the forests outside Boston and San Francisco. The only time she spends in packs these days is at romance writing conventions. In truth, Diana is two New York Times and USA Today bestselling romantic comedy authors who decided to write shifter romance and have more fun.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Wolves, and bears, and cougars, oh my...

    From Kristen Lewendon
    Wolves, and bears, and cougars, oh my... Turn up the air conditioning 'cause it's hot hot hot in here! This is a fascinating start to a whole new world I badly want to read more about. There's lots of detail to keep you immersed in their world and even the secondary characters have complex personalities. I haven't seen shifters handled in quite this way before and I love it. Ancient legend meets modern science and creates an exotic marriage where anything can happen, even the perfect mating of shifter and human. The chemistry between Lilah and Gavin is explosive, the sparks fly from their very first meeting. I'm hoping this world is the start of a much larger series because I'd love to see full stories for most of the supporting cast as well. (I will eagerly devour every one of them.) I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.