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Before He Sees (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 2) - Blake Pierce

Before He Sees (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 2)

Author Blake Pierce

  • Published: 2016-09-14
  • Category: Women Sleuths
4.5 Stars
From 62 Customers Review
Price: $4.99


From Blake Pierce, bestselling author of ONCE GONE (a #1 bestseller with over 600 five star reviews), comes book #2 in a heart-pounding new mystery series.

In BEFORE HE SEES (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 2), FBI agent-in-training Mackenzie White struggles to make her mark in the FBI Academy in Quantico, trying to prove herself as a woman and as a transplant from Nebraska. Hoping she has what it takes to become an FBI agent and leave her life in the Midwest behind for good, Mackenzie just wants to keep a low profile and impress her superiors.

But all that changes when the body of a woman is found in a garbage dump. The murder bears shocking similarities to the Scarecrow Killer—the case that made Mackenzie famous in Nebraska—and in the frantic race against time to stop a new serial killer, the FBI decides to break protocol and give Mackenzie a chance on the case.

It is Mackenzie’s big break, her chance to impress the FBI—but the stakes have never been higher. Not everyone wants her on the case, and everything she touches seems to go wrong. As the pressure mounts and the killer strikes again, Mackenzie finds herself as a lone voice in a sea of experienced agents, and she soon realizes she is in way over heard. Her entire future with the FBI is in jeopardy.

As tough and determined as Mackenzie is, as brilliant as she is in hunting down killers, this new case proves an impossible riddle, something just beyond her reach. She may not even have time to crack it as her own life falls apart around her. 

A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, BEFORE HE SEES is book #2 in a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 

Book #3 in the Mackenzie White Mystery series will be available soon. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • "Regarding" the book:

    From Janiinechristiine
    Firstly, I like the book series well enough to keep reading and buying the next one. I think the plots are different enough from other female sleuth series and the murderers just psycho enough to keep it interesting. However I can't count the amount of times I've read "he regarded her" or "they regarded them" etc. There are plenty of other words to be used here; looked at, glanced at, eyes skimmed over, watched, etc. I'm a couple chapters into the third book and I see not much has changed. Secondly, while white is a badass, I find it disappointing that she CONSTANTLY doesn't follow orders and "almost" faces the consequences each time. I understand there's the need to create drama but I cringe every time she's about to do something she "shouldn't" because I know she'll get out just fine anyways and she won't be in trouble. I am giving it 4 starts though because I am enjoying reading them for the most part and I understand that these two things might not bother a lot of the other readers. :).
  • Not bad!

    From n0rthernlite
    Kept me intrigued;)
  • Before he sees

    From Gram mid.
    Terrific great read 6:19 am just finished wow ! Confirmed to bed sleep odd hours this book and other help me maintain. Exellent read will follow this writer. Thank you much appreciated.