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Enchanted Immortals 2: The Vortex - C.J. Pinard

Enchanted Immortals 2: The Vortex

Author C.J. Pinard

  • Published: 2012-12-26
  • Category: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables


All Jonathan Murphy ever wanted was to work hard, love his wife, raise his children, and die a peaceful death. What life dealt him is the exact opposite. In the space of a mere instant, the life he once knew – the life he wanted – is no more. In its place, he is given great strength and immortality; but it comes with strings. Strings that bind him to the sylphs and other humans, whom he must protect against those who destroyed the life he once knew – the Fae. Along with his partners, Thomas and Kathryn, he works faithfully and tirelessly enforcing the laws of the Zie to please his queens. But a time is coming where he may have to revert to his barbaric ways of dispensing justice, even if it means killing a former lover.