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The Kurdish Cookbook - Emel Sinjari

The Kurdish Cookbook

Author Emel Sinjari

  • Published: 2016-10-04
  • Category: Regional & Ethnic


This book is a life's effort; it is also the story of generations in Mount Sinjar and its rich and rewarding countryside. Emel decided that she must write about the threatened existence of this culture, in order for it to survive. Emel worked for more than five years to collect authentic Kurdish recipes from different regions of Kurdistan, not only in Iraq, but also in Iran, Turkey, and Syria. She experimented with cooking, which she learned from her mother over the years, and also modernized some dishes in order to be wholesome and nutritionally complete. The Kurdish Cookbook includes 442 recipes organized in ten chapters: Kurdish Breakfast, Vegetables, Soups and stews, Grains, Kubahs and mahashis, Meats and birds, Sweets and deserts, Pastries, Dairies, and Dried fruits and jams.