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Lemon-Aid New and Used Cars and Trucks 2007–2017 - Phil Edmonston

Lemon-Aid New and Used Cars and Trucks 2007–2017

Author Phil Edmonston

  • Published: 2017-03-11
  • Category: Transportation


“Dr. Phil,” Canada’s best-known automotive expert, invites another driver to come aboard.

After forty-six years and almost two million copies sold, Phil Edmonston is joined by a co-pilot for the Lemon-Aid Guide — George Iny, along with the editors of the Automobile Protection Association.

The 2017 Lemon-Aid has everything: an encyclopedic lineup of the best and worst cars, trucks, and SUVs sold since 2007; secret warranties and tips on the “art of complaining” to help you get your money back; and new-car buying tips that will save you tons of money by revealing the inflated cost of fancy and frivolous add-ons. Lemon-Aid is an essential guide for careful buyers and long-time gear-heads who don't know as much as they think.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Disappointed

    From Montreal user
    Had an older Lemon-Aid bok that was great (think it was 2010-2011.) That book broke down pricing you can expect by year and model (I think for the previous 9 years.) This one has some useful information but very disappointed about the lack of pricing details. Shows new prices but I could’ve found that for free.