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Quotes for Leaders - Terry Lipovski

Quotes for Leaders

Author Terry Lipovski

  • Published: 2016-12-02
  • Category: Quotations


An entertaining, educational and inspiring collection of thoughts and perspectives from the greatest leaders throughout history. Curated by Ubiquity Leadership’s Founder and Executive Coach, Terry Lipovski. This book is comprised of eight chapters that correlate to critical aspects of effective leadership: 
- Leading People
- Values, Integrity & Trust
- Vision & Strategy
- Clarity, Balance & Focus
- Influence, Motivation & Teamwork
- Courage, Commitment & Risk
- Growth & Learning
- Humility, Servanthood & Gratitude

Each chapter includes thoughts about the topic from the Author, as well as dozens of quotations from history’s greatest leaders, visionaries and others. This compendium of leadership thoughts will educate, entertain and inspire anyone.

Makes a great gift for the leaders in your life.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Excellent!

    From HikingJo
    Easy and fun to read, plue good ideas from many quotes.