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Real Dirty - Meghan March

Real Dirty

Author Meghan March

  • Published: 2017-05-09
  • Category: Contemporary
5 Stars
From 10 Customers Review
Price: $4.99


Country music's bad boy, Boone Thrasher, takes center stage in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Meghan March's brand new stand alone Real Dirty Duet! 

I have everything a guy could want—a new single burning up the charts, more money than a simple country boy could spend, and a woman I’m planning to marry. 
Until she doesn’t show up for my proposal. 
The life I thought was so perfect, isn’t. 
The guy who thought he had everything, doesn’t. 
I’ve got my heart on lockdown, but life sends me straight into the path of a mouthy bartender who puts me in my place. 
Now the only place I want to put her is under me.
I thought I was done with love, but maybe I’m just getting started. 

Real Dirty is the first book of the Real Dirty Duet. Boone's story concludes in Real Sexy, also available now!

Top Customer Reviews


    From Ariel reale
    Just absolutely amazing. I love Boone Thrasher and Ripley Fischer so much I just need more.
  • I'm completely addicted to Meghan March's brand of sexy, smart & sassy!

    From NaughtyBookBlog
    I'm completely addicted to Meghan March's brand of sexy, smart & sassy! This series is a standalone, but we have had a few glimpses into the life of Boone Thrasher in the previous Dirty books. He didn't strike me as that remarkable or desirable and I didn't really think about him having his own story. Well, what the heck was wrong with ME?! The guy is a special gift I never saw coming! Boone Thrasher is a good 'ol southern boy with a heart of gold, a body made for sin and mouth dirtier than a pen full of pigs. Meghan March has once again gifted us with a sassy spitfire of a heroine. They're my favorite! She's not the least bit impressed by Boone's celebrity status and gives him a little bit of a run for his money. Her past has been tainted by a tragedy that remains unsolved. She has a father and a cousin I'd like to mow down in a crosswalk, and a delightfully entertaining parrot with the mouth of a sailor. There are plenty of dynamic and interesting characters to get your emotional juices flowing! Boone and Ripley soon discover that resisting the ravenous chemistry between them is futile (thank God for that), even as a train wreck of epic proportions unfolds around them. Side note: I LOVE how these two negotiate! Sexual favors are now a currency! Of course, since this is the first book in a duet, it wouldn't be complete without a jaw dropping cliffhanger to leave us wondering what the heck just happened?!
  • Obsessed!

    From Alisonmaxwell1973
    Boone makes me swoon!!! Boone Thrasher may be my new obsession!! Can't wait for book 2!
  • OMG

    From 141115
    Gah! I feel like this book went way too quick and I NEED more!! Lol Boone and Ripley's story is amazing! They both have preconceived notions about each other and waste no time arguing with each other because of them! She is a strong independent hilarious feisty lady who doesn't take anyone's crap while she struggles to take care of everything on her own. Then there is sexy, blunt alpha male Boone. Country's musics resident bad boy in public and just a simple country boy looking for love and a family in private. Everything Meghan touches is gold!! I simply can't get enough of her books! I've been patiently waiting for this book and was NOT disappointed!! Another 5 star read!!