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Tales of Silver Downs: The Complete Series - Kylie Quillinan

Tales of Silver Downs: The Complete Series

Author Kylie Quillinan

  • Published: 2017-01-15
  • Category: Historical


A family secret. A fey curse. The ultimate showdown between mortal and fey.

A bard who doesn’t believe when he is told he has the power to bring his tales to life. A woman determined to protect her husband from his bard brother’s magic. A brother and sister who have the strength to drive the fey away forever if they only have reason to do it. All three Tales of Silver Downs books in one edition: Muse, Fey and Druid.

This collection does not include the epilogue novella, Swan, which is a mailing list exclusive and is not available for purchase. Sign up at to receive your copy of Swan.