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400 Ways To Save A Fortune - Annie Jean Brewer

400 Ways To Save A Fortune

Author Annie Jean Brewer

  • Published: 2017-01-31
  • Category: Personal Finance


Compared to "The Tightwad Gazette" by readers, the original version of this book contained slightly over 400 tips. This updated edition contains over 100 new tips and tricks to help the reader save a fortune in both time and money. Included within these pages are the very same tricks that the author used to live on $500 a month when she first began her writing career. Some of those tips save her thousands of dollars a year: 
Tip #6: No car. Annual Savings: $6,364. 
Tip #49: General Cleaning. Annual Savings $216. 
Tip #58: Carpet cleaning. Annual Savings $100. 
Tip #86: Salvaging stained clothing. Annual Savings $50. 
Tip #105: Printer ink. Annual Savings $150. 
Tip #114: Software. Annual Savings $200 
Tip #135: Movies. Annual Savings $52 
Tip #140: Television. Annual Savings $1,200 
Tip #154: Credit Cards. Annual Savings $480 
Tip #169: Where to work for Maximum savings. Annual savings $1,011 
Tip #315 - Housing. Annual Savings $3,600 
What could you do with that much extra money? 
As a bonus, the author has included a number of articles she has written to help the reader save even more. 
Frugality expert Annie Jean Brewer is the bestselling author of  "The Shoestring Girl." She is the mind behind, one of the top Minimalism/Simplicity blogs on the Internet today.