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SEALs of Honor: Books 7-10 - Dale Mayer

SEALs of Honor: Books 7-10

Author Dale Mayer

  • Published: 2017-02-26
  • Category: Military


This is a collection of three books and a Christmas novella from the best selling 
SEALs of Honor series.  

SEALs of Honor: Markus 
Love hurts. Markus lost someone he loved, and for a long time, he's been dead inside. 

Now he spends his life in service to others as he slowly pulls himself together, but 
he'll never be the same. And then he meets Bree... 

Lost and alone and in trouble, Bree wonders how her life has become such a mess. 
After coming so close to dying, she's eager to explore and enjoy the life she almost 
lost. Getting kidnapped and then escaping into the wilderness of Alaska was not in the 

But someone knows she's seen and heard too much. He can't afford to let her live. Her 
second chance is about to be shattered... 

SEALs of Honor: Evan 
Everyone considered Evan a bit of a wild card. Even Megan. Little did she know he 
was carrying the torch for her and all the rest was camouflage. 

When she transfers to the West Coast to join the new helicopter division, their lives 
collide once again. 

Another SEAL unit is under attack and needs their help, but when the attackers turn 
on Megan, she's the one in danger. 

With the enemy closer than they'd like to believe, Megan and Evan struggle to piece 
together what happened to their friends. 

They need to figure it out fast before there are more victims. Starting with them.

SEALs of Honor: Mason's Wish
Mason loves his life with Tesla, but living together isn't enough. He wants more. He 
wants it all. He wants forever. 

All set to make this a memorable Christmas for the two of them, he calls her at home 
and hears her cry out as she fights off an attacker. Racing to her rescue, he finds her 
missing – again. 

Determined to put the horrific memories behind her, Tesla is looking forward to a 
bright and happy future. But someone nursing a grudge has decided it's payback time. 
Their lives change in a flash as Mason races to save Tesla before they lose their future 
– and each other. 

SEALS of Honor: Chase 
Everyone has something in their history they'd like to keep there... 

Chase has more than most. Only he's not going to be allowed to forget as someone in 
his past has come looking for him. And he's on a deadline. 

Vanessa is all about moving forward in her life. There are enough difficulties in her 
history for a lifetime. 

But when she gets embroiled in Chase's problems – they become her problems too. 

Both need to deal with their pasts before they no longer have a future