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First Class - Complete Series - AJ Harmon

First Class - Complete Series

Author AJ Harmon

  • Published: 2017-03-12
  • Category: Contemporary
5 Stars
From 17 Customers Review
Price: $6.99


The Lathem clan is all about love, trust, loyalty, respect and family. They still eat dinner together every Sunday and vacation together, too. Each story focuses on one of the brothers finding their own happily-ever-after, and First Class Voyage and First Class Farewell involve the entire Lathem clan.

The first 3 books in the series; First Class to New York, First Class to Portland and First Class Justice are like a romance trilogy series. We meet Janie, Katy, Matt and Mark and follow them from heartache to love, through awkward introductions to the sparks of passion, from hell on earth to pure heaven in each other’s arms.

In the next 6 books we get to know the rest of the wealthy and sexy Lathem brothers. You’ll enjoy the men that make up this great family and witness their surrender to the love and passion of a good woman.

Romance, sex, fun, loss and heartache are all included in these books that will you keep you captivated from the very first page of the first book to the last page of the final story. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • Must read!

    From Suzie Q 1975
    Loved reading this series. Sometimes just couldn’t put it down. A bit slow at times but so much love in it.
  • First Class

    From Ter632580
    This was a wonderful series. I truly enjoyed reading about the whole family.
  • First Class by AJ Harmon

    From Proffy789
    I got this series of books from Ebub on discount and expected a mediocre set of books that I might only read one of. Instead, Matt hooked me from the beginning and as he introduced us to his parents and brothers and their stories unfolded, we ran the gamut of emotions and I was glued to every word of every book. A thoroughly entertaining set of books. Well done.
  • First Class, The Complete Series

    From Dianep13
    I so enjoyed these books and didn't want them to end. People really well written and kept me in thralled right to the end. I couldn't put some down until they were all finished, but like I said I wish that the stories would continue. Always when I read a really good book I am never ready for it to end. I always want to know what happened next.
  • First Class - Complete Series

    From Forever Wild
    A wonderful series! Makes you laugh and cry, and appreciate what family means. Very entertaining and keeps you hanging on till the very end.
  • First Class -Complete Series

    From A from M,O,C
    This was a great series! Sometimes you finish a series and feel unsatisfied. Like the series was not quite done yet and more story was left to be told. This series was perfect. Every story told and wrapped up wonderfully. A hot, sexy and recommended read.