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Adultolescence - Gabbie Hanna


Author Gabbie Hanna

  • Published: 2017-09-19
  • Category: Poetry
5 Stars
From 28 Customers Review
Price: $11.99


Comedian Gabbie Hanna brings levity to the twists and turns of modern adulthood in this exhilarating debut collection of illustrated poetry.

In poems ranging from the singsong rhythms of children’s verses to a sophisticated confessional style, Gabbie explores what it means to feel like a kid and an adult all at once, revealing her own longings, obsessions, and insecurities along the way. Adultolescence announces the arrival of a brilliant new voice with a magical ability to connect through alienation, cut to the profound with internet slang, and detonate wickedly funny jokes between moments of existential dread. You’ll turn to the last page because you get her, and you’ll return to the first because she gets you.

Top Customer Reviews

  • wow...

    From Unicorn Fan Lover
    I didn’t know that a poetry book could touch me like this, I’m blown away by the incredible writing and rhythm in this poetry. the illustrations are beautiful and the advice I really took to heart, gabbie hanna has written the best poetry book EVER (I have read a lot of poetry) I just can’t get over how amazing this book is.... i just want to thank TheGabbieShow / Gabbie for writing this beautiful and creative book
  • This was amazing!!!

    From 47436789900
    I’ve always loved her on YouTube but she did an amazing job with this book!!! I read this cover to cover and I couldn’t put it down!! All the poems hit really close to home for me and some even made me cry! I recommend this book 100%!!!
  • Loving it so far!!!!!🖤🖤

    From Anonymous editor 12345678910
    I've only gotten the sample. I'm saving up to get the actual thing though!! So far I'm absolutely OBSESSED with it!!!! It's written so perfectly! I also love the art! Absolutely beautiful!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!👌❤️🖤❤️🖤👌👏
  • So beautiful

    From Lolaidh
    An absolutely stunning book of well written poems and amazing illustrations.
  • I'm loving this book so far

    From uni cat
    I donated blood today at least I'm somebody's type ❤️😂. Lol me
  • Amazing book🙌🏼

    From Allee G.
    I love how the book is playing with my feelings, I love that I am laughing and then almost crying. It's a good feeling to me(idk if that's weird 😂). Anyway it's a great book 🙌🏼
  • Damn

    From Wasssssssuppoppp
    This books is so good omg 😫👌🏻 So proud of you Gabs ❣️
  • YES!

    From WolfGirl6498
    Gabbie, this book is just fantastic, I'm so freaking proud of you!!
  • I love the book and I only just started it!!!

    From Emilooo62
    This book is incredible Gabbie! It is extremely relatable and I plan on reading through it multiple times! If you make another book with custom drawings maybe make it like a therapeutic poetry mix?😁
  • Incredible

    From Shannon_artsy
    This is the most touching book I have eve read, deserves all of the stars!