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Forbidden Virgin - Carmen Falcone

Forbidden Virgin

Author Carmen Falcone

  • Published: 2017-06-05
  • Category: Erotic Romance


She’s in love with her father’s best friend…

Kate Crawford’s always had a scorching attraction to her father’s best friend, sexy hotelier Graham Davenport. Now she’s going to study in Europe, but she wants to indulge in her secret wish and lose her virginity to Graham. After all, she’s not a teenager anymore and ready for some Adult X-rated fun.

Graham Davenport hires Kate as his trainee in his luxury hotel as a favor to her father, but seeing her flaunt her hot body is driving him insane and he’s about to lose his self-control. He doesn’t want to betray the man who helped him turn around his life, but this woman is no longer a teenager with a crush. And her desire unleashes secret passions and fantasies that neither of them can deny…

Top Customer Reviews

  • Fantastically Forbidden

    From Sferg99
    Forbidden Virgin is the first book that I've ever read by Carmen Falcone. I have no idea why I hadn't heard about her or read any of her books before now, but I sure am glad that this book was my first introduction to her writing. Forbidden Virgin tells the story of 20 year old Kate Crdawford who has had a crush on her father's best friend, Graham Davenport, since she was 16 years old. Kate is beginning a career in the hotel industry so Graham hires her, as a favour to her father, as an intern in his hotel for the summer before she goes to Europe to study. Kate sees this as the perfect opportunity for her fantasies to become reality and lose her virginity to Graham. Graham is nervous about seeing Kate, as she isn't the only one who has had fantasies. Graham knows that he has been lusting after his best friend's daughter for longer than he feels comfortable admitting. Graham is conflicted because he doesn't want to betray his friend and yet his attraction to Kate keeps getting stronger and harder to ignore. The result is a red hot romance that very quickly deepens into something much more meaningful. I really enjoyed reading this book. It's a fairly quick read and yet it didn't have that same rushed feeling that can occur with novellas. The pacing was perfect, which made the relationship between Kate and Graham feel natural rather than contrived. Ms. Falcone has written a fun, sexy book with very believable characters. Kate is self assured and confident. She knows what, or rather, who she wants and is not afraid to go after him. Graham is a man who is having an internal battle between what he wants to do and what he thinks he should do. The way that these characters interact with each other and the sense of play and fun between them, removed any reservations I may have had about a relationship between a young, virginal woman and an older, experienced man. But make no mistake about it, Kate is the one doing the seducing and Graham, while very, very interested, is the hesitant one. Forbidden Virgin is not just a simple, straightforward, erotic book filled with lots of hot sex. Now, don't worry because there's still lots of dirty-talking, panty-dropping, naughty, steamy sex, but this is also a real story complete with real characters and actual plot twists. Ms. Falcone has a winner with this book and she has a new reader in me. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a short, fun, sexy romance that packs a punch. If any of the other books in Ms. Falcone's "Forbidden" series are like this one, then I, for one, can hardly wait to read them all. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.