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Undeniable - Katherine King


Author Katherine King

  • Published: 2017-06-09
  • Category: Contemporary
4 Stars
From 16 Customers Review
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From International Bestselling Author Katherine King, who reached #1 in the Romance Bestseller Charts with her Captivated series, comes a story about a chance meeting in Central Park with that one person with whom the connection is Undeniable.

He was beautiful and brilliant, and totally not the man Maggie was looking for. She was drawn to him as she had never been to anyone. She knew he was unavailable, probably would never be because of his career but he was undeniable to her, making her want to savour him while she could…

Mick knew he couldn’t provide anything more than a casual fling with Maggie even though he wanted more. He also knew it wouldn’t stop him from having an intense and passionate affair with her. But what happens as distance and time keeps you apart and her best friend, Jason, finally admits his feelings for her while you are half way around the world?

If you like raw emotions, sizzling sex scenes, all while being kept on the edge of your seat, then you'll love this erotic romance story of Mick and Maggie by International Bestselling Author Katherine King.

Top Customer Reviews

  • "Undeniable" by Kathryn King

    From Sfhh1969
    Steamy and very sexy. Book 1 is too short.
  • Undeniable by Katherine King

    From NatNickDoug
    Great start to a series. The characters are interesting and the conflict is enough to keep me interested. I hate extreme cliffhangers but there was enough interest to make me want to know what happens and read the rest of the series.
  • Undeniable by Katherine King

    From Mmaxin actor
    This book is okay. The characters are both likable and the story moves along at a good pace. There is enough sexual tension and curiosity in the development of Mike and Maggie's story to make me want to read the rest of the series. I like that Maggie isn't falling at Mick's feet and is unsure if this is a relationship that she wants to be in because of his career. I downloaded this book from iBooks.
  • Undeniable by Katherine King

    From Hlh20
    You can not choose who you fall in love with, but it is a choice on if you keep this love! Great story so far. Look forward to see how and where it takes them.