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A Dangerously Unconventional View of Canada - Елена Иванова

A Dangerously Unconventional View of Canada

Author Елена Иванова

  • Published: 2017-06-12
  • Category: Politics & Current Events


“Oh Canada!” From these loaded words and exultant headlines, one assumes this North American pseudo-country is a veritable utopia. But what do we really know about Canada? What is life like there? What are the people like in Canada? Join me for a hilarious, no holds barred, irreverent, interview with Meg, a Canadian, familiar with a class system that officially doesn’t exist; two worlds, two very different realities: obscene wealth, ignorance, safety, and contempt; yet, just across the tracks, it’s a world of servitude, poverty, social programming, fear and despair.

Consider this fair warning: you might just puncture a lung, laughing yourself to hysterics with Meg’s megadose of whoop ass reality. Be careful, it bites!