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Bullets and Bonfires - Autumn Jones Lake

Bullets and Bonfires

Author Autumn Jones Lake

  • Published: 2017-07-17
  • Category: Contemporary
5 Stars
From 10 Customers Review
Price: $3.99


The one man she’s always wanted is now the sexy sheriff of their hometown.
Battered but not broken, grad student Brianna Avery returns to the childhood home she abandoned four years ago. With her abusive ex behind bars, Bree needs the summer to relax and recover before returning to school. But her overprotective brother decides she needs someone to babysit her in his absence, and he picks the one person guaranteed to drive her nuts.
She’s the one woman he can’t have.
Telling Bree no has never been easy. Four years ago, Liam Hollister did it to preserve his friendship with his best friend—Brianna’s brother. Now, no matter how she tempts him, he’s determined to do the right thing. As deputy sheriff of their rural area, Liam is torn between protecting Brianna and wanting her for himself.
Take a risk or lose the chance.
Spending so much time alone together challenges them both. Old feelings and hurts resurface immediately. With each hot, sweaty day it’s harder to deny their attraction.
It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Must read!

    From 141115
    Oh Autumn, you know just how to make me sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation and swoon at the same time! Absolutely brilliant story! Loved Bree and Liam's story so much!! Bree is such a sweet, strong, brave woman and Liam is a sexy, compassionate tough guy! Their friends to lovers story was so sweet and emotional yet riveting and tragic all at the same time!! I hope you continue writing about these characters more! I don't know why you were worried about your readers liking your new book because it was just as good as the LOKI series!! You are a phenomenal writer!
  • Just Wow!

    From Dee Shelvey
    Just wow! Autumn has taken her MC world and made it something new. With a little cross over from Lost Kings. Autumn was able to create some fun drama. This story is about impowering women and that it is okay to leave in an abusive situation. It is the story about how love and support can make you a better person, even if he is hard headed and stubborn, Rock and Hope have always been my favourite couple from Autumn but I think Liam and Bree might have just pushed them out.