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Witch Miss Seeton - Heron Carvic

Witch Miss Seeton

Author Heron Carvic

  • Published: 2016-06-02
  • Category: Cozy


A sudden interest in the occult swept through the English village of Plummergen, with Ouija boards replacing the best china in many a cozy cottage.
It might be quite the thing for maiden ladies and persnickity aunts, but it wasn’t Miss Seeton’s cup of tea . . . until Scotland Yard requested she go undercover to investigate some sinister shenanigans in the Kentish countryside. A flim-flam was afoot in the local witches coven . . . and magic could be a prelude to murder most foul.
Serene amidst every kind of skullduggery, retired art teacher Miss Seeton steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles. Armed with nothing more than her sketchpad and umbrella, she is at every turn the most lovable and unlikely master of detection.