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Stolen! By The Billionaire - J. S. Scott

Stolen! By The Billionaire

Author J. S. Scott

  • Published: 2017-06-28
  • Category: Contemporary


For Readers of The Billionaire’s Obsession Series:

Find out what really happened to Dani during and after her kidnapping!  


I'd never liked Marcus Colter--until he rescued me from certain death in what most people would call a suicide mission. 

He'd snuck into my prison camp and stolen me away from my captors like they weren't a group of ruthless killers, getting me to a safe place when the odds weren't in favor of him coming out of the rescue in one piece.   

Now, I don't know what to make of the man who had always been a major source of irritation to me.  He's arrogant. That fact has never been in question.  But the way he takes care of me makes me start to believe there's much more to Marcus than just an obnoxious alpha male.  

He could have just walked away once his mission was complete, but he stayed with me, helped me fight my demons.  Marcus listened when I needed a friend in a foreign country.  

His behavior leaves me confused. and the more I learn, the more I think I've never really known the real Marcus.

Maybe nobody does...