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Living Again - LL Collins

Living Again

Author LL Collins

  • Published: 2017-07-10
  • Category: Contemporary
5 Stars
From 15 Customers Review
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Kayley Carson thought she had it all...married to the love of her life, a great job, and a baby on the way. Then one day, her life changes forever when she loses her husband in a tragic accident. No longer sure how to navigate life after her enormous loss, Kayley clings to her newborn baby, her family, and her friends to keep herself living. 

When she meets someone that challenges her belief that she's better off alone, she has to decide if she is capable of letting him in after swearing she was never going to love anyone the same way again. 

She's not the only one with a painful past. He is struggling with trust issues after a previous relationship went horribly wrong. After a terrible misunderstanding brings out both of their insecurities, will the painful memories of the past keep them both from living again?

Top Customer Reviews

  • Living Again

    From Forever Wild
    This romance novel is very well-written! I really enjoyed reading "Living Again" and would definitely recommend it.
  • Living Again

    From A from M,O,C
    When starting to read a hot, sexy story, I don't expect to spend the first 50 pages bawling my eyes out. But that is exactly what I did. I am so glad that I persevered and got to see the story to its end. While there were still more tears throughout the book, I was hooked on the sweet and sexy story also being told. I look forward to reading the rest of the series!
  • Living Again Review - SOME SPOILERS

    From SmegolWilson25
    Honestly, I've had this book sitting in my TBR shelf for a few months before I finally had the courage to read it. You see, I've been reading a lot of easy romances. A little hiccup and the *BAM* HEA. I knew this wasn't going to be the case with this book, just look at the synopsis, you just know you're in for some heartbreak I'm ; and boy did my heart break. Now normally I don't like flash backs in anything I read, I'm a firm believer in laying the land first and moving forward from there on, however, the flash backs in Living Again were appropriate and well done. While some might think they were a bit over done, which I could see being the case, it was very necessary in the first parts of the book to show the reader how Kayley was dealing with the loss of her husband Alex. Here is the interesting part, while Alex's death played a major part and was for the most part the driving force behind the actions of the characters, the focus was more on Kayley and her grief and moving on without him. You would have thought LL Collins would pepper the flashbacks with Alex POV since this book was dual POV with some cameos of Emily and Rachel's POV, but it wasn't. The readers got to know Alex without getting to know him intimately like we did Ben. This is what makes the flashbacks so necessary. As dramatic as the situation was, it didn't feel overdone or drawn out, months would sometimes pass by which could give you readers whiplash but not enough to annoy you or for you to lose what had just happened. While Kayley did cry a lot and expressed how emotional she was being, it was all very understandable, again it wasn't overdone to the point of annoyance, her courtship with Ben would have been frustrating if you didn't have those flashbacks showing you just how much she was struggling to not forget but move on from the loss of Alex, add to raising a newborn on her own and the scare she received on the almost year anniversary, we can see why she was a little hesitant but again, the time hops were necessary and helpful during this time. Now Ben, Dr. Yummy aka Dr. Benjamin Nichols, is hot. I really liked that he was the opposite of Alex in looks and mannerisms. I liked that he made a point to respect Alex's memory in everything he did with Kayley and Alexis. He was both a solid support and push Kayley needed to move on. While I agree there isn't a timeline on grief and when you should move on, it happened as organically as it could have. Sometimes I found myself being irrationally upset at Kayley for expressing how all consuming her love is for Ben than it was for Alex, a part of me couldn't help but think, what if he had lived and everything leading up to Ben was the same, would she an Ben have had that instant chemistry? And if I'm following the timeline correctly, Kayley had about as much time with Alex as she does with Ben by the end of the book yet her feelings for Ben are more than for Alex. Granted, it was pointed out that her and Alex didn't have to go through the same painful trials to circumstances she had to go trough with Ben to get out the other side stronger than before. Maybe things would have changed, we just don't know, but I'm not upset at how things turned out. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book and all the ups and downs Kayley and Ben went through to get to where they are, I was waiting with bated breath for the ending. Every page I turned, I thought, this must be it. But it wasn't. A wedding, the birth of a new born, a birthday, another birth of a new born, another birthday, first day of kindergarten It was never ending, sweet and poignant but never ending, the suspense of something else happening was just too much for me and by the time I was finished, I wasn't ready. Where is Rachel's story?!
  • Living Again

    From T-Woodi
    The story took many turns which kept me coming back. I look forward to the next installment
  • Living again

    From Frank rizzzzzzzo
    Blinking back tears before page three, I knew I was hooked. This book captures so many emotional moments - I couldn't stand to put it down! Can't wait for Rachel's story in book 2 !