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Claim Your Power - Mastin Kipp

Claim Your Power

Author Mastin Kipp

  • Published: 2017-09-12
  • Category: Self-Improvement


Has your vision board turned into just wishful thinking? Do you believe in the power of intention and goal setting, but are losing self-respect because you aren’t following through? Do you feel completely stuck in life?

If things haven’t been going the way you’ve planned, know this: Everything changes the moment you discover your life’s unique Purpose. Success, love, abundance, health and well-being, and vibrant energy are all by-products of leading a Purpose-filled life.

Maybe you don’t know what your life’s Purpose is, or you don’t believe you have one, or you thought you knew what it was and you lost it. If that’s the case . . .

It’s Time to Claim Your Power!

Join best-selling author and Functional Life Coach™ Mastin Kipp as he guides you on a 40-day journey, inspired by Joseph Campbell’s model of the hero’s journey, to identify and dissolve whatever’s holding you back, break free from trauma and victimhood, and transform your life. Not only will you change your life for the better, but in doing so, you’ll improve the lives of the people you love.

With Claim Your Power, you’ll wake up energized by the momentum you’ve unleashed, an energy that will only increase with each new accomplishment and breakthrough. And you’ll discover the peace and sense of self-respect that comes only to those who follow through and bring their Purpose to life.

Are you ready? We’ve got no time to waste. Your life’s unique Purpose is calling, and so are all those whose lives you’re meant to touch. Remember to get out there, take action, and make it real!

Top Customer Reviews

  • Not a fan

    From jemard24
    I’m quite disappointed with this book, I thought it would help me discover my purpose but within the first few chapters I couldn’t proceed. This book is too preachy about god and « the creator » and that you are created by god to accomplish your purpose. I don’t recommend this book to anyone who isn’t religious or have faith in god. I really tried hard to like this book but I’ve read better self-help books.