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Billionaire Matchmaker - Book One - Charlotte Byrd

Billionaire Matchmaker - Book One

Author Charlotte Byrd

  • Published: 2017-08-02
  • Category: Erotic Romance
3.5 Stars
From 29 Customers Review
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After selling his banking start-up to Google, Logan Davenport is officially a billionaire. He’s swimming in money and sex, and that’s the way he likes it. But he needs a respectable date to his brother’s engagement party. So, he finally gives in and lets his eccentric aunt, Dolly Monroe, a matchmaker, find him a date. Much to his shock, she sets him up with an opinionated, average-looking, floral shop owner who seems impervious to his charms. Avery doesn’t want him, and that makes him want her even more. Before he knows it, he is falling in love for the first time ever. 

But Logan is keeping a SECRET. No, he isn’t married. No, he doesn’t have a child. No, he doesn’t have cancer. It’s worse than that. Much worse. And when Avery finally finds out, he risks losing the only person he has ever really cared about. Can their love survive his secret?

This is the first book in the Billionaire Matchmaker Series.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Billionaire matchmaker

    From Nyxcalli
    I always love to read about individuals that think that they prefer to be single or that they are incapable of love. Love is great and I think Logan is in for a run for his money. Can't wait to read the. Complete series
  • Billionaire matchmaker book 1

    From aranaizlm
    Billionaire matchmaker by Charlotte Byrd. I enjoyed the writing. Surprisingly well crafted specially the fact it both Logan and Avery’s pov. The ending keeps you intrigued by their story and Dolly’s successful match.
  • Intriguing

    From BeausieRebel
    I would definitely have to read the whole book to give it an honest review but as it stands I've been pulled in and am anxious for more! Will come back after I read the whole thing to see if I'm still hooked!
  • Good book

    From FPS2016
    This was a great read so far. Would be nice if it didn't end so quickly, but I can't wait to read more
  • Billionaire Matchmaker by Charlotte Byrd (iBooks)

    From Luke11112
    I am intrigued by the storyline where a professional Matchmaker connects two very different people. The storyline is unique and not one that I have read before. It will be very interesting to see if and how Avery and Logan are compatible as they are a very unlikely couple. I am looking forward to book 2!
  • A twist on a popular genre

    From StooeyPerry
    I was quite surprised by the quality of the writing in this book, the only thing that makes me bring it down to 4/5 is the fact that I personally prefer stories told only from one characters perspective. The concept for the genre is quite fresh which is nice to see a different twist on a somewhat over written genre
  • Interesting!

    From Altherrien3207
    Well written. Cant wait to see if Logan and Avery hit it off. Dolly is exuberant and wint tolerate BS. Character dynamics make this a must read.
  • Match making

    From AHNadalin
    The two characters seem so different but some how Aunt Dolly thinks they are a perfect match! Can't wait to find out how they have any compatibility.
  • Billionaire matchmaker

    From Crystalh084
    Charlotte Byrd I enjoyed the writing, disappointed in how the cliffhanger happens. It's just the end of a sentence. Look forward to reading further.
  • Billionaire Match Maker Book 1

    From Seduction Part 1
    These books are too expensive they are all under 100 pages. Too much filler! Do not recommend