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Zero Hour: Omnibus Edition - Eamon Ambrose

Zero Hour: Omnibus Edition

Author Eamon Ambrose

  • Published: 2017-08-08
  • Category: Adventure


The world as we know it is gone. Those who remain fight for survival against killer drones and deadly autonomous robots, as well as an unforgiving climate. With nothing left to lose, one survivor embarks on a search for the truth, and finds more than they bargained for, triggering a deadly race against time. Nothing is as it seems in this breakthrough post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller for fans of Hugh Howey's Wool, Maze Runner and Ready Player One. Expanded from an original short story to a bestselling serial, Zero Hour is now collected in a single volume.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Fabulous book !!

    From S.cake
    Couldn't put it down. I really hope you continue this story. S.cake