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Good Men - Book Three - Lucia Jordan

Good Men - Book Three

Author Lucia Jordan

  • Published: 2017-08-16
  • Category: Erotic Romance


“Say, yes,” his husky voice coaxed, lips gliding against the column of her throat.  As his lips ghosted over her skin, his hands inched the hem of her skirt higher and higher . . .

They weren’t what they seemed. They weren’t who they claimed to be. They were something so much more. 
Trapped in a loveless marriage by a man harboring too many dark secrets to count, Aspen discovers her very life is in danger. She tries to walk away, but it’s never that simple. Nothing ever is.

 Kevin and Liam are the only two men that can keep her safe. They are the only two men that leave her heart racing and her body charged with an electrical current. They are bad for her, but she can’t get enough. They have a secret life, and she’s been tossed into the middle of it. She thought they were there to save her. Maybe . . . she was wrong.

This is the third book in Lucia Jordan’s bestselling Good Men.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Good Men 3

    From Hlh20
    This book keeps you reading! Can not wait to see how it ends.
  • Good Men - Book 3

    From Vcbc604
    Ahhh can't wait to finish this series! But also kind of sad it'll be coming to an end. I hope Lucia Jordan keeps releasing these longer series.