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Good Men - Book One - Lucia Jordan

Good Men - Book One

Author Lucia Jordan

  • Published: 2017-08-23
  • Category: Erotic Romance
4.5 Stars
From 13 Customers Review
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“Say, yes,” his husky voice coaxed, lips gliding against the column of her throat.  As his lips ghosted over her skin, his hands inched the hem of her skirt higher and higher . . .

They weren’t what they seemed. They weren’t who they claimed to be. They were something so much more. Trapped in a loveless marriage by a man harboring too many dark secrets to count, Aspen discovers her very life is in danger. She tries to walk away, but it’s never that simple. Nothing ever is.

 Kevin and Liam are the only two men that can keep her safe. They are the only two men that leave her heart racing and her body charged with an electrical current. They are bad for her, but she can’t get enough. They have a secret life, and she’s been tossed into the middle of it. She thought they were there to save her. Maybe . . . she was wrong.

This is the first book in Lucia Jordan’s bestselling Good Men.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Good Men - Book One

    From Jan1852
    Jan1852 Another good read from Lucia Jordan, love her books. Glad to see a longer read. Interesting plot and can’t wait to see where it takes us. Looks like this is just the beginning!
  • Good Men - Lucia Jordan - I-Books

    From Juneymoon11
    Huge fan! Especially her stories with threesomes. I am a dedicated Lucia Jordan reader for life.
  • Good Men...are sure hard to find!!

    From AznAngelBabe
    Great book. There’s more to it than meets the eye.'
  • Hate being duped!

    From AMC mmmmm
    I was really enjoying the the story and the style of writing by the author. I hate to give her a bad review because I truly thought it would have been a good story. But I believe it is incredibly greedy, to find out it was just a the beginning of the story. If I want to read the rest of the book I must buy four more books at $3.99 for 80 to 100 pages is criminal and bad business. I work hard for my money and that fact that you are charging almost $16.00 for one digital book you have decided to split into five is so low. There are millions of great books out there and I will not purchase the other book nor read this author again or from this publisher. It is disrespectful to your readers!
  • Lucia Jordan Good Men - iBooks review

    From Diva_73
    I'm so glad Lucia Jordan released a longer novel. Exiting story and very sexy! Tattooed lawyers??? Yummy
  • Good Men #1 by Lucia Jordan

    From Hlh20
    Very interesting story. Looking forward to all the adventures continuing...and where they end up for all!
  • Finally, a longer book by Lucia Jordan!

    From Vcbc604
    I always enjoy a good read courtesy of Lucia Jordan, so I was really excited to read a longer book by her, and it did not disappoint! Looking forward to getting more into the next book and following along to see where she takes us.
  • Good men

    From Harleychic1982
    Awesome read! Great story to go with it. Not all about the sex but plenty of it. Love it can't wait to read the next book