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Man from Yesterday Box Set - Barbara Lohr

Man from Yesterday Box Set

Author Barbara Lohr

  • Published: 2017-09-08
  • Category: Romantic Comedy


Is the boy you left behind the man you want forever? These four full heartwarming romances are packed with spirited women and men with mischief in their eyes. Laugh and love with sweet stories brimming with hope and humor that lift the heart. Homespun attraction is the stuff enduring love is made of in Gull Harbor, the beach town where romance blooms. Join these four strong women in a tantalizing backward glance at what might have been. No cliff hangers. The full length novels are all stand alone stories that can be read in any order.

Coming Home to You - Ten years shift the balance for Kate Kennedy and Cole Campbell. They can put debate club behind but they go toe to toe about the future of Gull Harbor. A single father, Cole needs her love but can Kate handle his precocious little girl?

Always on His Mind - Mercedes comes home from New York, bringing her uppity attitude with her. Finn Wheeler, former geek who’s now a mover and shaker, puts her in her place, which might end up being in his heart.

In His Eyes - Diana’s drawn to Gull Harbor by reckless love. Pride and Will Applegate persuade her to stay. When life throws a curve ball, the town beauty has to dig deep for courage. Who knew that adversity could strengthen the bonds of love and friendship?

Late Bloomer - Carolyn travels to Santa Fe to help her ailing grandmother. A chance meeting with a former student leads Carolyn to some starling revelations. No longer the Cliff Note king, Brody helps her conquer her fear of heights. Can he do the same about his fear of love in this hilarious book that upends stereotypes.