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Have My Baby - Taryn Quinn

Have My Baby

Author Taryn Quinn

  • Published: 2017-09-25
  • Category: Contemporary
4.5 Stars
From 25 Customers Review
Price: $4.99


Have my baby. 

That was what my single dad best friend Seth said to me while I was waitressing at the diner. 

His little girl wants a sibling. But Seth is a workaholic millionaire and doesn't have time to meet someone.

Someone who won't screw him over, like his kid's mother. 

Only problem is this someone has secretly been in love with him since high school. I've been hiding it forever, not wanting to risk our friendship.

Sleeping with him is my biggest fantasy. And I've fantasized plenty, being a virgin. Another thing he doesn't know.

Now I have to make the biggest decision of my life.

Is having a no strings attached affair just to make a baby better than never having him at all?

Author’s note: this case of insta-love and insta-naked-time has been brewing for over a decade. Babymaking has never been so hot…or so funny…or so complicated.

Top Customer Reviews

  • A nice feel good book

    From Chrystalp
    The happily ever after story.
  • Have a great read

    From Goddessdemetra422
    Book 1 in the series. Hero is Seth Hamilton. Heroine is Ally . Love how Taryn Quinn started the story . With a prologue showing Seth is getting married but BUT not to Ally . Seth got another girl pregnant. So Seth is doing the honorable thing ,,, tying the knot . The adorable character is Seth daughter Laurie . She's the cutest 4 yr old . Fast forward 4 yrs . Seth goes into the restaurant where his best friend Ally works . Ally and Seth know each other and can communicate with just a look . Seth tells a song and dance to Ally . Then Seth shows her a contract and Seth says that it's a request from Laurie . Ally reads the contract !!! She can't believe the request . Ally first says no. Ally has a secret that she doesn't know how Seth will feel about it . Both Ally's BFF and Seth twin play grumpy and straight laced . Hope those 2 get a story After a while Seth sees what Ally meant to him , but Ally loved him all those yrs . Does she give in to the feelings!!! Does she say yes to the contract. You have to read it to find out what's it all about
  • A super read!

    From Fiddlesticks2233227
    This author always makes me smile when I read her books! This time I even shed a few tears! Of course, I won't tell what else she makes me fell.... oh my!!