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Blaze - Willow Summers


Author Willow Summers

  • Published: 2017-11-14
  • Category: Romantic Comedy



All the girls call me Blaze. I set panties on fire. I'm damn good at what I do.

With all the money pouring in, I’m going to ride this gig as long as possible. 

But I’ve always got time to help out a friend. 

So when my girl-bro Janie is in trouble with rent, I figure I’ll do the right thing and move in with her. Why not? It saves me money.

The problem is, when she starts wandering around in her under-roos, something occurs to me that hasn’t before: Not only is she awesomely sassy, she’s a scorching hot little number.

Suddenly the move doesn’t seem like such a great idea. Not if I want to keep my sanity while trying to keep my hands to myself.

* * *


Dave is rolling in money. Why he wants to come slum it with me, I have no idea, but whatever. It saves me money. I’m not worried about it.

Besides, his unorthodox career is awesomely taboo. If I only had as much money as he did, I’d pay for a night with him. You know, just to say I’d done it. 

There’s another thing he fires up in me.

My desire to paint…him. Nude. And hard.

But he’s off-limits. Hookers can’t be in stable relationships. It would never work. 

If only my muse, and my desire, would line up with my logic.

Top Customer Reviews

  • hot and steamy with an edge

    From Tina (Angel)
    Hot and steamy with an edge. absolutely loved it. second in this series and did not disappoint. One I will enjoy reading again and again.
  • So many side-splittingly funny moments

    From Kristen Lewendon
    I have been looking forward to this book since the end of the first one. Janie is such a spitfire and nothing is going to keep her down for long. Dave seems like such an easy-going guy, but that sunny personality hides a lot of depth and a gooey, marshmallow heart. They've both got protective streaks a mile wide when it comes to 'their' people. And when they turn that protective force on one another, watch out. There is so much drama and so many big emotions happening in the story, it's actually very good there's also so many side-splittingly funny moments to break the tension. They are so outlandish and so laugh-out-loud funny that my ribs still hurt, and probably will for the rest of the day. This wacky cast of characters wouldn't be the same without each other. When the chips are down, they all pull together to make things right. Even though this is Dave and Janie's book, the rest of them still grab the story and run away with it from time to time. I can't wait to watch the next Big D fall. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.