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Spicy Sweets - A.M. Willard

Spicy Sweets

Author A.M. Willard

  • Published: 2017-12-07
  • Category: Contemporary


In this romantic comedy, things are about to get a little spicy when love goes sideways. 

I said 'I do' to the first guy to sweep me off my feet after my heart shattered all those years ago. I didn't just vow to love him; nope, I signed on that line for both him and his daughter.

Over the years, my job and friends were the most important thing to me. Don't get me wrong; the girls are still my family. It's just this tattooed mechanic changed my outlook on love. Let's not forget that the cute blonde-haired princess has me wrapped around her fingers, and I'd do anything to protect her. 

Top Customer Reviews

  • At least I can always come back and re-read them

    From Kristen Lewendon
    I love these girls and I’m so going to miss their antics now that the series is over. I don’t think I really realized just how turbulent the waters were beneath Natasha’s calm, capable surface. So, I really appreciated the chance to see all the thoughts and emotions she normally hides. And Diesel, well, he was pretty much perfect – except when he was behaving like an idiot. But since we’re all human, we all do some stupid stuff sometimes. I adored the way this book closed out, with the epilogue that gives us a sweet look down the road for these four feisty women. I am going to miss these girls. At least I can always come back and re-read them. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.