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Lost Boy - Chanda Hahn

Lost Boy

Author Chanda Hahn

  • Published: 2017-11-14
  • Category: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables


After nearly losing Wendy, Peter returns her to her family but fears she may not be safe from Hook. Torn between protecting Wendy and leading the lost boys, he must decide to fulfill his duty or follow his heart.

Wendy pans, and awakes in her bedroom, clothes stained in blood, with no memories of Peter or Neverland. Wendy struggles to return to her normal life, for shadows plague her during the day, and where shadows roam—monsters follow.

With Hook closing in on the lost boys’ hideout, Peter faces a betrayer from within the ranks of Neverwood. The final battle is on the horizon, and the secret to victory lies with the shadows, but only one can hear their voice, the Lost Girl.

Top Customer Reviews

  • If you love Peter Pan, you’ll love this series.

    From tina_bagger
    I loved this book. When I saw that Chanda Hahn had a Peter Pan style book series out, my interest was immediately peaked. However I held off until I knew the second novel would be out soon to start reading because I know she’s great for cliff hangers that leave you desperate for more immediately. Now that I’ve read Lost Boy I realize I should have waited for the release of book three for my little plan to work. On the other hand though, seeing the progression of all the characters through the first to second book was amazing. Every single character has developed more back story, more depth, and even the ones you just want to slap endear themselves at some point. Wendy begins the novel having recently “panned” and has no memory. She doesn’t know her family, her past, or who she really is. Her dreams are haunted by a beautiful boy with green eyes and falling only to have him catch her. Imagine her surprise when that boy suddenly appears, no longer just a dream, but real and trying to save her from the dreaded Red Skulls. My favourite character development is Wendy’s adoptive brother Jon. I was never a fan of his character in the original cartoon, but I like him in this book. He finds his own niche among the group and even gets a love interest that had me squeeing out loud. This novel keeps you guessing not just at what will happen next, but who each character will be next. Wendy, Jon, Jax, even Peter, are completely different people at the end then who they were at the start. I’m excited to see where they all finally end up when the next book does arrive.