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Mr. Wrong - Tessa Blake

Mr. Wrong

Author Tessa Blake

  • Published: 2017-10-03
  • Category: New Adult


Why does the wrong guy feel so right?

I had my perfect husband all picked out, but the bastard went and decided to marry someone else. So, on the night of his engagement party, I'm drowning my sorrows with my BFF Kari ... and in walks Mitchell Cole.

Mitch is the slow-talking, sexy-walking, eye-crinkle-having star of one of Kari's soap operas, but he doesn't do a thing for me. I need a career guy with a steady job and a plan, not a scruffy actor who works construction between gigs.

But Kari, who never takes no for an answer, "volunteers" me to hang out with him so I can get behind-the-scenes gossip for her. And that's all this is, even if his special blend of sweet and sexy is starting to break through my defenses.

But then my ex comes back into my life in the most unexpected way, and that's when things get confusing. Do I choose the man who's everything I thought I wanted? Or the man who might be everything I need?

Fans of Lauren Blakely and Emma Chase will love this hilarious and sexy take on losing Mr. Right ... and finding Mr. Wrong.

Mr. Wrong was previously published as Midnight Confessions.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Loved this book

    From Kekee
    Loved this book, Mitch is a strong kind amazing guy and Jenna is convinced he is Mr Wrong. There are many times I wanted to smack Jenna or shake her because she does not realize Mitch is crazy for her. I could not put this book down, Even though I was mad at Jenna I was rooting for her. Tessa never forgets to add in a wonderful best friend. If you have not read this author before I highly recommend this one as your gateway to her collection.