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The Inspector Rebecca Mayfield Mysteries Box Set 1 - Joanne Pence

The Inspector Rebecca Mayfield Mysteries Box Set 1

Author Joanne Pence

  • Published: 2017-10-13
  • Category: Women Sleuths


The Inspector Rebecca Mayfield mysteries, also called the “O’Clock” mysteries (for obvious reasons, as you’ll see), actually began with a Christmas novella, THE THIRTEENTH SANTA. In it, Rebecca first meets mystery man, Richie Amalfi, and the strange group of “Santas” he manages to lose in San Francisco. Trying to find them—and some Christmas cheer—brings more than a little danger to both him and Rebecca.
The first full-length mystery, ONE O’CLOCK HUSTLE, has Richie accused of murder. Instead of fleeing, he runs straight to “by-the-book cop” Rebecca for help. And she learns that some rules are made to be broken.
The final “hour” in this boxed set, TWO O’CLOCK HEIST, has Rebecca discovering that the only person willing and able to help her find a friend’s killer is the one man she most wants to avoid—Richie Amalfi.
Readers love the Inspector Rebecca Mayfield mysteries, and hopefully you will as well. Begin with “one o’clock,” and you’ll find that the “hours” just seem to fly by.