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The Secrets Of Ethan Falls - Jw Lucas

The Secrets Of Ethan Falls

Author Jw Lucas

  • Published: 2017-11-02
  • Category: Police Procedural
4.5 Stars
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In the eyes of many Daryl Richardson has the almost perfect life. A former police detective with a law degree he has recently transitioned from employment as an Assistant US Attorney into a criminal law consultant role with the Department of Justice, a move made possible by an inheritance.

When he gets a frantic phone call from a law school classmate that her husband, a judge, has been shot at his courthouse, he sets off to the New England village of Ethan Falls to help her find the answer why.

He learns the judge was reviewing the stalled police investigation of a murdered beautiful young woman on the brink of stardom as a singer
What could he have discovered that would shock the community and almost cost him his life?