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Something So Irresistible - Natasha Madison

Something So Irresistible

Author Natasha Madison

  • Published: 2018-01-08
  • Category: Romance
4.5 Stars
From 7 Customers Review
Price: $5.99


Max Horton

They call me an outcast like it's a bad thing.

An a*****e byproduct of a shitty upbringing. I don't care about anything except myself and my little sister.

I will always protect what’s mine.

With one year left on my hockey contract I'm keeping my head down and my eyes on the goal.

A collision, with her, changes my entire existence.

Allison Grant

Never fall in love with a sports star. That's what my stepfather always said. He told me athletes are complicated and moody—that the higher their paycheck, the lower their morals.

As public relations for the New York Stingers I know exactly what he means, but I can’t seem to say no to a friendship with one beautiful, damaged man.

What started out as hate turned into something else.

We tried to stay away, to keep our distance, but the pull was too strong.

Something forbidden turned into something so irresistible.

Top Customer Reviews

  • You will fall in LOVE with #MadMax!!!

    From Jac50shades
    So, to start with, I have to say that I didn't think I would like Max very much (because he was SUCH a d*ck in Something So Perfect, Karrie & Matthew's story) but I was willing to reserve judgement...after all, this IS a Natasha Madison book and she has NEVER disappointed me! I think I fell in love with him around about Chapter Two (this story is told in dual POVs and Chapter Two is from Max's) My heart couldn't fall fast enough and I fell HARD for this messed up but INSANELY lovable hunk!! This story has it ALL. It's a not-quite-enemies-to-lovers romance that put my heart (and ALL my emotions) through the wringer AND on a roller coaster ride that I didn't want to get off of! Allison Grant is the perfect, strong-willed, spunky and feisty heroine to take on the Alpha, sexy-as-SIN Max Horton and I fell JUST as hard for her as I did for Max! I ADORED the funny, sexy banter that makes this a trademark Natasha Madison read! But it's soooooo much more than that; I SWOONED, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD, I wanted to STRANGLE a certain brother and father a few times (Matthew and Cooper, natch ;) ), I CRIED tears of JOY and FRUSTRATION and at the end, I was TOTALLY, COMPLETELY AND IRREVOCABLY in love with #MadMax!!! I will leave you with my favorite quote from this book and tell you, you NEED to get this AMAZING, emotional, FUNNY and sexy book!!! You won't be sorry! "But I love you, heart, body and soul. It's yours, angel. Forever. Marry me. Be my home. Let me be your home. To my last dying breath I promise to be your home."
  • Brilliant!! #MadMax for the win!!

    From 141115
    Gahhh! I’m swooning over here still! I freaking LOVED Max and Allison’s love story! They are so perfect together and make my heart all warm and fuzzy! I still love the whole gang so much too and never get tired of hearing from them again! They all just have such a great dynamic. I have no clue how Natasha does it but EVERY book she writes is utterly amazing! It has a little bit of everything in it that makes it so much more then just a romance book! It invokes all the different feelings throughout the book and leaves me laughing, gasping, tearing up, smiling like a fool and talking to the characters if they need it! LOL Natasha has become one of my favourite authors and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!