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How to Master a Millionaire - Book One - Talia Hunter

How to Master a Millionaire - Book One

Author Talia Hunter

  • Published: 2017-11-08
  • Category: Contemporary


What would a shy girl do if she had a hot alpha male to boss around for a week?

Max has landed a big movie role playing a submissive. Only he hates not being in charge. 

The solution? He hires a dominatrix so he can practise taking orders. He has no idea the woman he's employed isn’t really a dominatrix. 

Ally is a broke blogger who needs a juicy story to rescue her sister from financial disaster. She’ll have to dish the dirt on Max to save the person she loves most. 

Self confidence problem? Too bad. Shy girl Ally needs to figure out how to boss Max into submission, though she’s clueless about anything kinky. 

And with Ally’s betrayal about to destroy Max’s career, they’d better not fall in love… 

This is the first book in the How to Master a Millionaire Series by Talia Hunter.

"Holy chemistry Batman, Max and Ally are overflowing with it!" - Sheri, Tangled Up In Books ★★★★★