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Breaking My Heart - Book One - Aleya Michelle

Breaking My Heart - Book One

Author Aleya Michelle

  • Published: 2017-11-09
  • Category: Contemporary


Strong and independent, Roxy Thorne is a fighter.
She knows exactly what she wants, especially when it comes to men. She's got them wrapped around her finger and all figured out.

Until she meets Kade Thomas..

He storms into her life like a knight on a white horse to save her, but the fiery Roxy doesn't need saving. With a past that keeps holding her back, it's up to Kade to break down her walls. But can he prove to her that she's been wrong all along or is he just another break in her heart? 

This is the first book in the My Heart Series by Aleya Michelle.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Breaking my heart - book one

    From Photo edit
    Aleya Michelle’s Breaking My Heat was a decent read. Had some twists and turns in the plot. Personally I don’t love the use of babe and baby so often - had some passionate scenes and a realistic love story. Overall it was an ok read.
  • Breaking my heart

    From *gmare*
    I found that the use of baby and babe very juvenile The story line weak A disappointing read.