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Falling For Ken - Lauren Giordano

Falling For Ken

Author Lauren Giordano

  • Published: 2017-11-13
  • Category: Contemporary


Contractor Kendall Adams is having a bad day. Adams & Rey, her father's sitework company is nearly broke. The guy who could save her has just tumbled into the project. To avoid getting sued and maybe sweet-talk him into paying up, she'll do . . . just about anything. 

Millionaire CFO Harrison Traynor is having a terrible day. Deciding whether to fire Adams & Rey is bad enough, but taking a header into the dig is worse. With broken bones and a possible concussion, the hospital won't release him. With no family available, Harry's choices include an indefinite hospital stay or nursing from the angry, beautiful spitfire he's putting out of business.

Falling for Kendall was never in Harry's blueprint. But the talented, soft-hearted (when  she's  not arguing) contractor has him rewriting the specs. Hearing about 'accidents' occurring at the project ignites a protective instinct for the amber-eyed beauty he's increasingly having trouble imagining life without.

The anti-prom queen and the football stud never end up together. Though their fiery attraction won't be denied, Kendall prays she'll remember that flings with sexy enemies don't usually lead to happily ever after.